University Engineering Initiative Act; HB 2101

HB 2101 extends the transfer of the first $10.5 million credited to the Expanded Lottery
Act Revenues Fund (ELARF) from ELARF to the Kan-grow Engineering Fund – KU, the Kangrow Engineering Fund – KSU, and the Kan-grow Engineering Fund – WSU with each fund receiving equal amounts of $3.5 million in each fiscal year, for FY 2023 through FY 2032. The transfer first occurred in FY 2013 and had been scheduled to end with the transfer in FY 2022.

The bill amends the goal of the University Engineering Initiative Act (Act) to continue to
generate the same number of engineering graduates per year as is currently set for 2021— 1,365 graduates—to meet the needs of the engineering workforce for as long as the Act is financed with annual transfers from the ELARF.

The bill adds requirements for the educational institutions, the State Board of Regents,
and the Secretary of Commerce to report to the House Committee on Appropriations and Senate Committee on Ways and Means. The reports will include how many engineering graduates remain in the state over the previous three years, what efforts are taken to increase retention of graduates and opportunities for graduates in the state, and information regarding the number of engineering graduates from each state educational institution that were initially enrolled as in-state or out-of-state students.