Self-service Storage Agreements; HB 2112

HB 2112 amends the Self-service Storage Act (Act) as it pertains to liability claims and
the contents of storage agreements, as follows:

● Limits claims of damage or loss of personal property to the maximum value of
personal property as specified in the rental agreement;
● Requires self-service storage rental agreements to ask the occupant if such
occupant wishes to designate an alternative contact and permits them to do so.
Alternative contacts are not given rights to the rental space or its contents merely
by virtue of being designated as such;
● Permits the online sale of stored personal property in the event of default by the
occupant, as defined by the Act in continuing law; and
● Grants discretion to the operator to give seven days’ notice of the sale by any
commercially reasonable manner, rather than by newspaper only:
○ The manner of advertising a sale would be deemed not commercially
reasonable and a sale would be canceled and subsequently rescheduled
and re-advertised if fewer than three independent bidders were present in
person or online.