Rural Housing Incentive Districts; SB 90

SB 90 allows vertical renovations of certain buildings for residential purposes to be a
permitted use of bond proceeds and amends definitions under the Kansas Rural Housing Incentive District Act.

The bill provides that, within a rural housing incentive district, proceeds from the special
obligation bonds may be used for the renovation of buildings that are located in central business districts and exceed 25 years of age as certified by the Secretary of Commerce.

The bill also limits the eligible improvements to those on the second or higher floor of a
building that are residential in nature. Improvements for commercial purposes are not eligible improvements under the program.

The bill amends the definition of an eligible city to remove the population limit of less
than 80,000 for the county in which the city is located. The population limit of less than 60,000 for the city remains.

The bill also amends the definition of an eligible county to increase the county population limit from 60,000 to 80,000.