Summary of Legislation 2021

This publication includes summaries of the legislation enacted by the 2021 Legislature. Not summarized are bills of a limited, local, technical, clarifying, or repealing nature, and bills that were vetoed (sustained). Brief summaries of bills whose vetoes were sustained and of appropriations bills are included.

During the 2021 Session, 769 bills were introduced: 315 in the Senate and 454 in the House. Of these 769 bills, 116 (15.1 percent) became law: 46 Senate bills and 70 House bills. Further, of the 116 bills becoming law, 103 (88.8 percent) were introduced by committees, and 13 (11.2 percent) were introduced by individual legislators. [Note: Substitute bills or bills with conference committee reports whose original subject matter was substantially modified from the content in the introduced sponsor bill are included in the former category.]

The Governor vetoed 10 bills and 19 line items in appropriations bills. Five of the vetoes and all line items were sustained, and five vetoes were overridden.

A total of 601 bills will be carried over to the 2022 Session of the Legislature.