Open Records—Extension of Exceptions; Scrap Metal—Vehicle Photograph; Senate Sub. for HB 2137

Senate Sub. for HB 2137 amends the Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act to remove the requirement that scrap metal dealers photograph the vehicle in which a junk vehicle or other regulated scrap metal property is delivered.

The bill also continues in existence the following exceptions to the Kansas Open Records Act:

  • KSA 9-1810(b), concerning the Kansas Bank Commissioner’s informal agreements with banks or trust companies;
  • KSA 38-2310(c), concerning law enforcement records identifying victims of certain crimes;
  • KSA 40-223j(c), concerning insurance actuarial reports used for counseling and discipline;
  • KSA 40-409(j)(2), concerning records related to certain insurance policy valuations;
  • KSA 40-6007(a), concerning documents related to insurer’s own risk and solvency assessments;
  • KSA 45-221(a)(52), concerning public records identifying the home address of certain officials;
  • KSA 46-1129, concerning survey responses to audits conducted under the Legislative Post Audit Act;
  • KSA 50-6a11(f), concerning tobacco sales data related to the Master Settlement Agreement;
  • KSA 59-29a22(b)(10), concerning treatment records in the possession of a treatment facility; and
  • KSA 65-6741, concerning court records related to unlawful abortions.