Bills Vetoed by the Governor

Senate Sub. for HB 2054

This bill would have created and amended law and made appropriations regarding the governmental response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas.

Its provisions would have included Legislative Coordinating Council oversight of federal coronavirus relief funds received by Kansas; ratification of the COVID-19-related state of disaster emergency declared by the Governor in March 2020; limitations on additional COVID-19-related state of disaster emergencies and the Governor’s powers under the Kansas Emergency Management Act (KEMA); limitations on closure or cessation of business or commercial activity under KEMA; additional authority for boards of county commissioners regarding states of local disaster emergencies and orders issued by county health officers; liability limitations for healthcare providers and businesses related to COVID-19; ratification of notarial acts; notifications for first responders regarding the presence of persons testing positive for or under quarantine for COVID-19; requirements for the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services related to adult care homes and COVID-19; allowing telemedicine, relaxing certain licensing requirements for various healthcare providers, and relaxing bed and space limitations for hospitals and medical care facilities in response to COVID-19; allowing removal of unconsumed alcoholic liquor from a club or drinking establishment; and making a number of temporary changes to the state unemployment compensation system to respond to COVID- 19. Many provisions of the bill would have expired in January 2021. [Note: Similar subject matter was addressed and enacted in Special Session HB 2016.]

HB 2510

This bill would have amended law related to the provision of free ACT exams for Kansas high school students, concurrent and dual enrollment for high school students, and the authority of healing arts school clinics to provide healing arts services. The bill also would have required the creation of a foster care report card, and enacted the Kansas Promise Scholarship Act, and authorized the sale of land by Kansas State University in Saline County.

Senate Sub. for HB 2619

This bill would have established the Kansas Economic Recovery Loan Deposit Program (Program), amended requirements placed on state-chartered credit unions to increase the permissible geographic area for a credit union’s field of membership, and authorized a net interest income deduction for financial institutions subject to the Kansas Financial Institutions Privilege Tax, beginning in Tax Year 2022. The State Treasurer would have been authorized to administer the Program, which would have been permitted to utilize up to $60.0 million in idle State funds.

HB 2702

This bill would have established new notice and public hearing requirements for certain taxing subdivisions, prohibited certain real property valuation increases, provided a one-time delay in the deadline for payment of property taxes, enacted the Taxpayer Protection Act, extended certain income and privilege tax filing and payment deadlines, authorized county treasurers to establish partial payments and payment plans for all property taxes, and provided for county discretion in handling de minimis property tax penalty charges.