Summary of Legislation 2020

This publication includes summaries of the legislation enacted by the 2020 Legislature. Brief summaries of bills whose vetoes were sustained and of appropriations bills are included.

During the 2020 Session, 589 bills were introduced: 261 in the Senate and 328 in the House. In addition, 208 Senate bills and 355 House bills were carried over from the 2019 Session, for a grand total of 1,152 bills that were alive during the 2020 regular session. 13 (1.1 percent) became law: 6 Senate bills and 7 House bills. All 13 that became law were introduced by committees. [Note: Substitute bills or bills with conference committee reports whose original subject matter was substantially modified from the content in the introduced sponsor bill are included in the former category.]

The Governor vetoed 4 bills. All vetoes were sustained. There were no line-item vetoes of Appropriations bills. No bills will be carried over to the 2021 Session of the Legislature. [Note: A separate summary of legislation for the special session of the 2020 Legislature is appended to this publication.]