Briefing Book 2022

This publication contains briefs on timely topics that may be relevant during the current Legislative Session. Previous Briefing Book articles and more in-depth resources and memoranda continue to be updated with the latest information and are available on the Kansas Legislative Research Department website.

For 2022 and future editions, the Briefing Book has been redesigned and refocused to be a more concise and useful resource for legislators. Articles now have a standard length of two pages to efficiently convey the most important points about each topic, and more graphics are included to illustrate large amounts of data in a concise format. The topics covered are also especially topical and timely in nature; previous Briefing Book articles that provided introductory overviews of broader government topics have been moved to the KLRD website.

The goal of these changes is to provide a publication that is compact, easy to read, and relevant to even the most veteran lawmakers as a new session begins in the Statehouse.

Cover image: “A Kansas Landscape” by Herschel C. Logan, 1948. Used with permission from, Kansas State Historical Society. Copy and Reuse Restrictions Apply.