Legislative Compensation Commission

Non-Legislative Members

  • Mark Hutton, Chairperson
  • Steve Abrams
  • Kelly Arnold
  • Tom Hawk
  • Anthony Hensley
  • Mark Kahrs
  • Ed McKechnie
  • Clark Shultz
  • Kevin Timmons

Kansas Legislative Research Dept.

  • Dylan Dear
  • Melissa Renick
  • J.G. Scott
  • Steven Wu

Office of Revisor of Statutes

  • Scott Abbott
  • Gordon Self
  • David Wiese

Committee Assistant

  • Nancy Fontaine


Pursuant to provisions in 2023 Law (2023 Session Law, Chapter 69, Sections 1-2 [House Sub. for SB 229]), the Commission is directed to:

  • Make a comprehensive study of the compensation, salary, and retirement benefits of the Kansas Legislature;
  • Set the rates of compensation and salary for members of the Legislature, as directed by the legislation:
    • House Sub. for SB 229 (2023) requires the compensation rate and salary established by the Commission to become the rate of compensation and salary for legislators unless the Legislature rejects the rates through adoption of a concurrent resolution;
    • The Commission is required to establish the compensation rate and salary for members of the Legislature for a four-year period that commences on the first day of the 2025 Legislative Session on or before December 1, 2023; and
  • Make recommendations related to retirement benefits for members of the Legislature.