Kansas Open Records Act and Fees for Service

Matthew WillisSenior Research AnalystMatthew.Willis@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4443 Jennifer LightFiscal AnalystJennifer.Light@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4410 Purpose The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) states it is the public policy of Kansas that all “public records shall be open for inspection by any person unless otherwise provided” (KSA 45-216). Who is Covered by KORA? KORA applies to all entities deemed to be “public agencies” (KSAContinue reading “Kansas Open Records Act and Fees for Service”

Mail Ballot Return Deadlines

Elaina RudderResearch AnalystElaina.Rudder@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4395 Jill ShelleyPrincipal Research AnalystJill.Shelley@klrd.ks.gov785-296-8085 According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), all states offer some option for voting outside of a polling place through absentee, advance, or mail ballots (terminology varies by state). The deadline for receipt of these ballots by election officials varies by state, from the day beforeContinue reading “Mail Ballot Return Deadlines”

State Campaign Finance Disclosures

Elaina RudderResearch AnalystElaina.Rudder@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4395 Jillian BlockResearch AnalystJillian.Block@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4420 Campaign finance disclosure laws vary by state, but most states have two general requirements for candidates for office, political committees, and other entities that primarily work to elect or defeat candidate. They must: One purpose of disclosure laws is to provide transparency during the elections process by publishing theContinue reading “State Campaign Finance Disclosures”