Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Rural Kansas

Kate SmeltzerResearch AnalystKate.Smeltzer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4407 James FisherManaging IT AnalystJames.Fisher@klrd.ks.gov785-296-6490 Electric Vehicle Adoption and Industry Growth Globally, the automotive industry plans to invest $330 billion in electrification by 2023 and offer up to 130 electrified vehicle models in the United States. Nationally, hybrid vehicle sales in 2021 comprised 5.4 percent of total sales, and Zero Emission Vehicles, suchContinue reading “Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Rural Kansas”

Tracking Broadband Availability in Kansas

James FisherManaging IT AnalystJames.Fisher@klrd.ks.gov785-296-6490 Kate SmeltzerResearch AnalystKate.Smeltzer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4407 Heather O’HaraPrincipal Research AnalystHeather.OHara@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7792 Education, precision agriculture, and health care are just a few of the possibilities broadband internet enables, and a lack of connectivity can impact the economic well-being of individuals across the country. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in 2021, 23.36 percent of ruralContinue reading “Tracking Broadband Availability in Kansas”

Wind Turbine Light Mitigating Technology

Lindsay ArcherResearch AnalystLindsay.Archer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4440 Heather O’HaraPrincipal Research AnalystHeather.O’Hara@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7792 In 2021, Kansas was ranked among the top five states in total wind energy generation, with the third-largest share of electricity generated from wind power, following closely behind Iowa and South Dakota. In early 2022, the state had nearly 8,250 megawatts of installed wind generating capacity. Wind turbinesContinue reading “Wind Turbine Light Mitigating Technology”