Federal Tax Conformity

Edward PennerSenior EconomistEdward.Penner@klrd.ks.gov785-296-0733 Lindsay ArcherResearch AnalystLindsay.Archer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4440 Of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, 42 apply a broad-based income tax. For the convenience of taxpayers and the state, as well as ease of legal application, many states incorporate substantial portions of the federal Internal Revenue Code (IRC) into their own state income taxes. ThisContinue reading “Federal Tax Conformity”

Income Taxation of Social Security Benefits

Chardae CaineFiscal AnalystChardae.Caine@klrd.ks.gov785-296-3183 Edward PennerSenior EconomistEdward.Penner@klrd.ks.gov785-296-0733 Federal Income Tax Treatment of Social Security Benefits Up to 50 percent of Social Security benefits are subject to the federal income tax if a taxpayer’s combined income, including 50 percent of Social Security benefits, exceeded a statutory threshold. The taxable amount is the lesser of 50 percent ofContinue reading “Income Taxation of Social Security Benefits”

Streamlined Sales and Use Tax

Eric AdellResearch AnalystEric.Adell@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4404 Edward PennerSenior EconomistEdward.Penner@klrd.ks.gov785-296-0733 The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) is a multi-state cooperative agreement intended to simplify the administration of state sales tax systems and encourage remote sellers to collect and remit sales and use taxes. Since 2003, 24 states have enacted SSUTA-conforming laws. Kansas was the first state withContinue reading “Streamlined Sales and Use Tax”