Education Savings Accounts

States adopt three main types of policies to expand private school choice: school voucher programs, scholarship tax credit programs, and education savings accounts (ESAs). ESA programs involve the deposit of public funds into government-administered accounts. Eligible students and their parents can use the funds for a variety of purposes, including private school tuition, tutoring, andContinue reading “Education Savings Accounts”

Special Education Funding

Matthew WillisSenior Research AnalystMatthew.Willis@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4443 J.G. ScottDirector of Legislative ResearchJG.Scott@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4397 Federal law, through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensures a free appropriate education to children with disabilities. Kansas law also sets guidelines for special education. Individual Education Program (IEP) IEPs are written statements for each student with an exceptionality. The IEP describes a child’sContinue reading “Special Education Funding”

Working After Retirement—The Rules of Engagement

Melissa RenickAssistant Director for ResearchMelissa.Renick@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4138 J.G. ScottDirector of Legislative ResearchJG.Scott@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4397 Recent Trends in Retirement The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its 2021 Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), which collected data on labor force status for respondents in 2020. The data indicated the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts included significant disruption of labor markets but onlyContinue reading “Working After Retirement—The Rules of Engagement”

Capital Improvements Funding in Higher Education

Brianna HortonFiscal AnalystBrianna.Horton@klrd.ks.gov785-296-6684 Shirley MorrowPrincipal Fiscal AnalystShirley.Morrow@klrd.ks.gov785-296-3542 The Kansas Board of Regents (Board) policy definition of “deferred maintenance” is annual maintenance and necessary renewal of facilities systems and components that have been postponed, delayed, or deferred, to a future budget cycle or until funds are available. The 2020 Report on State University Building Inventory, SpaceContinue reading “Capital Improvements Funding in Higher Education”