Community Supervision

Lindsay ArcherResearch AnalystLindsay.Archer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4440 Meredith FryResearch AnalystMeredith.Fry@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7882 Natalie NelsonPrincipal Research AnalystNatalie.Nelson@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4418 In Kansas, three entities comprise the community supervision structure: Court Services, Community Corrections, and Parole Services. Parole Services supervises offenders released from Kansas correctional facilities on parole, post-release supervision, or conditional release. This article will focus on the functions of Court Services and Community CorrectionsContinue reading “Community Supervision”

Medication Abortion

Elaina RudderResearch AnalystElaina.Rudder@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4395 Leighann ThoneResearch AnalystLeighann.Thone@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4181 Medication abortion, also referred to as medical abortion or the abortion pill, is a pregnancy termination method that involves the use of two medications. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved medication abortion in 2000. In 2016, the FDA approved a new evidence-based regimen and drug label,Continue reading “Medication Abortion”

Docking State Office Building Renovation

Martin de BoerFiscal AnalystMartin.deBoer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4439 Shirley MorrowPrincipal Fiscal AnalystShirley.Morrow@klrd.ks.gov785-296-3542 This article details recent developments regarding the Docking State Office Building (Docking Building), located at 915 SW Harrison Street in Topeka. It was built in 1954 to provide office and meeting space for state employees. Underneath the structure is an energy center that services buildings in theContinue reading “Docking State Office Building Renovation”

Sale and Delivery of To-Go Drinks and Direct Shipment of Alcohol

Leighann ThoneResearch AnalystLeighann.Thone@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4181 Jordan MilhollandManaging Research AnalystJordan.Milholland@klrd.ks.gov785-296-3923 Since 2020, 33 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) have passed legislation related to alcohol delivery, to-go drinks, and direct shipment of alcohol. Sale and Delivery of To-Go Drinks Prior to March 2020, no state had explicit laws governing to-go orders or delivery of alcoholic drinks fromContinue reading “Sale and Delivery of To-Go Drinks and Direct Shipment of Alcohol”

Kansas Budget Stabilization Fund

Dylan DearManaging Fiscal AnalystDylan.Dear@klrd.ks.gov785-296-0665 Amy DeckardAssistant Director for Fiscal AffairsAmy.Deckard@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4429 Various laws and statutory sections are designed to provide certain safeguards with respect to state budgeting and management of expenditures and to prevent deficit financing. The most recent measure taken by the Legislature is the creation of the Budget Stabilization Fund. The Fund is intendedContinue reading “Kansas Budget Stabilization Fund”

Administration of Water in Kansas

Meredith FryResearch AnalystMeredith.Fry@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7882 Heather O’HaraPrincipal Research AnalystHeather.O’Hara@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7792 Luke DrurySenior Fiscal AnalystLuke.Drury@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7250 The administration of water in Kansas – generally regarding its allocation, cleanliness, and availability – is, for the most part, divided among three state agencies: The following state agencies and entities have limited roles in the administration of water: Adjutant General’s OfficeDepartment of CommerceDivisionContinue reading “Administration of Water in Kansas”

Tobacco 21

Kate SmeltzerResearch AnalystKate.Smeltzer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4407 Jordan MilhollandManaging Research AnalystJordan.Milholland@klrd.ks.gov785-296-3923 On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed 2019 HR 1865, which contained provisions that raised the federal minimum age for tobacco product sales from 18 to 21. The bill amended the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act with a new section that applies to all “covered tobacco products,” includingContinue reading “Tobacco 21”

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Laboratory Construction

Megan LeopoldSenior Fiscal AnalystMegan.Leopold@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4419 Martin de BoerFiscal AnalystMartin.deBoer@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4439 2021 Legislative Session Action Section 61 of enacted 2021 SB 159 directs the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to issue a request for proposal (RFP) in FY 2022 to construct or renovate a building and equip a KDHE laboratory located within an eight-mile radius ofContinue reading “Kansas Department of Health and Environment Laboratory Construction”

Cotton in Kansas

Heather O’HaraPrincipal Research AnalystHeather.O’Hara@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7792 Meredith FryResearch AnalystMeredith.Fry@klrd.ks.gov785-296-7882 Cotton Production in Kansas Cotton was introduced in Kansas in the 19th century. Though it has never been a mainstream crop in the state’s agriculture sector, Kansas currently ranks 14th nationwide in cotton production. Additionally, production has been steadily increasing. Since 1996, cotton production and ginning in theContinue reading “Cotton in Kansas”

Health Insurance Mandates in Kansas

Melissa RenickAssistant Director for ResearchMelissa.Renick@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4138 Iraida OrrPrincipal Research AnalystIraida.Orr@klrd.ks.gov785-296-4408 This article examines required insurance benefits in Kansas law, the “test track” requirements for the Legislature’s consideration of proposed mandates, and any anticipated reporting from the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP). What is a mandate? Statutes added in Kansas insurance law require certain health care providersContinue reading “Health Insurance Mandates in Kansas”