GIS Technician / Redistricting Assistant

Position Summary and Responsibilities

This is a temporary position for 12 months. The Kansas Legislative Research Department (KLRD) is seeking an individual to support preparation for the Kansas Legislature’s 2022 redistricting effort.

The position provides general assistance with all aspects of support for redistricting process. Duties will vary during the period of employment and may include the following:

  • Designing digital maps with geographic data and other data sources.
  • Utilizing mapping applications and tools.
  • Producing maps and reports on geographic data using data visualization.
  • Data collection and analysis including:
    • Location of sources, primary and secondary, of data needed by the Legislature.
    • Assistance with development of appropriate data analysis.
    • Development and production of appropriate tabular, graphic, and geographic displays of data.
    • Develop sufficient familiarity with data used for redistricting to be able to explain limitations on use, accuracy, and validity of those data.
    • Response to requests for redistricting-related information from legislators, legislative staff, legislative committees, or the public.
  • Quickly and accurately mastering the use and application of unfamiliar software through use of documentation, and without extensive formal training.
  • Supporting end users of the redistricting software by providing essential help-desk type support, providing software demonstrations.
  • Use of the software while working with, or at the direction of legislators, legislative staff, or other KLRD staff.
  • Interacting with software and hardware vendors and the Secretary of State’s Office.
  • Communicating accurate and detailed information or instructions orally and in writing.
  • Reviewing submitted redistricting plans for technical accuracy and correctness.
  • Documenting procedures used by staff and committee members to develop redistricting plans, and testing software applications.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Other duties may include proofreading and checking accuracy and completeness of written materials and assisting with preparation of redistricting databases.


Appropriate technical training and at least one-year experience working with GIS software are minimum requirements for this position. This position requires demonstrated ability to effectively work in a team environment and provide end-user support. The position also requires ability to use a Windows-based personal computer, word processing and spreadsheet application software, and various project specific hardware peripherals, such as plotters and printers.

The person in this position must be willing to adapt to the work schedule required to complete assignments in a timely manner. Work would be required to be completed on-site at the Capitol building in Topeka, Kansas.

The person in this position must demonstrate, at a minimum, the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Experience working with QGIS, ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Maptitude or other GIS platforms.
  • Effective use of technology and the ability to learn new skills, as necessary.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills including knowledge of appropriate English usage and spelling.
  • Ability to apply principles of effective and accurate graphic and geographic display of statistical data.
  • Knowing, following, and creating, if necessary, applicable job procedures, resources, and process.
  • Ability to organize various types of electronic data, organize hard-copy records, and keep electronic and hard-copy files in an orderly manner.
  • Basic knowledge of Kansas geography, history, and government organization.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and to interact with the public in collecting and verifying data.
  • Ability to work in a nonpartisan manner in a partisan environment, and to provide objective information regardless of the issue or personal opinions.
  • Effective time-management skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Census data, particularly PL 94-171 redistricting data set and American Community Survey Information.
  • Complete or partially completed degree in Geography, cartography, GIS, Computer Science or a related field. Acceptable alternative includes a bachelor’s degree in political science with extensive GIS experience.
  • Experience with address geocoding.

The position is under the direct supervision of the Kansas Legislative Research Department. KLRD is a nonpartisan staff agency that provides support to the Kansas House of Representatives and Kansas Senate.

Staff members are prohibited from involvement in partisan activities or in issues that the come before the Legislature.

Salary and Other Information

All positions in the Legislative Branch are unclassified. This position is temporary for an indeterminate period, estimated to be for 12 months. The annual salary for the position is $50,000 and includes group health insurance and paid time off. As this is a temporary position, retirement benefits will not be provided. See more details on our Careers page.

To apply for the above position, send a letter of application and resume by July 26, 2021 to Maribeth Hamilton, Office Manager:

KLRD is an equal employment opportunity employer.