Mental Health Beds in Kansas for Adults

Dayton LaMunyon
Fiscal Analyst

Iraida Orr
Principal Research Analyst

Psychiatric Hospital Treatment

In Kansas, the highest level of care for adults experiencing severe mental illness is provided in psychiatric hospitals. The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) oversees state-run psychiatric hospitals and licenses private psychiatric hospitals.

Pursuant to the 1990 Mental Health Reform Act, the first step for admission to a state hospital is to be screened by a community mental health center. The Care and Treatment Act for Mentally Ill Persons provides guidance for admission to the state hospitals.

Generally, those admitted to state hospitals are individuals who exhibit severe symptoms that cannot be safely and effectively treated in the community.

Osawatomie State Hospital (OSH) Campus

Founded in 1866, OSH provides inpatient psychiatric care to individuals in the eastern third of the state. In 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) decertified OSH due to staffing shortages and other issues.

In 2017, CMS recertified Adair Acute Care (AAC), an independent facility on the OSH campus that met CMS certification requirements.

Between OSH and AAC, the OSH campus has 174 combined state licensed and CMS-certified beds. The OSH campus is currently undergoing a renovation to add 12 CMS-certified beds.

Larned State Hospital (LSH)

Founded in 1914, LSH serves individuals who have been voluntarily or involuntarily committed, as well as individuals charged with felony crimes and sexually violent predators. The Psychiatric Services Program (PSP) serves the voluntarily and civilly committed population. The PSP operates 90 beds.

Proposed State Hospital in Sedgwick County

An appropriation of $15.0 million to construct a hospital in Sedgwick County is included in 2022 House Sub. for SB 267. The State Finance Council has the authority to release the funds based on a recommendation of the 2022 Special Committee on Mental Health Beds, tasked with studying the topic.

The plan presented to the Special Committee is to construct a 50-bed facility in Sedgwick County, with 25 beds for voluntary admissions and 25 beds for forensic competency evaluations.

Private Psychiatric Hospitals (PPHs)

PPHs include freestanding hospitals and psychiatric units in community hospitals. PPHs allow individuals to receive care in their community. There are 330 PPH beds across the state.

SIA Program

Private psychiatric hospitals can participate in the SIA program. SIA hospitals provide state hospital level of care to individuals who would otherwise require treatment at OSH or LSH. Six private psychiatric hospitals are enrolled in the SIA program to provide inpatient psychiatric services to adults.

Short-term, Community Treatment

The role of crisis stabilization centers (CSCs) and crisis intervention centers (CICs) is to provide preventative treatment in the community to prevent future admission to a state hospital.

Crisis Stabilization Centers (CSCs)

CSCs provide urgent care in the community to voluntary patients for up to 72 hours. There are 95 CSC beds across the state.

Crisis Intervention Centers (CICs)

CICs provide urgent care in the community for up to 72 hours to involuntary patients pursuant to the Crisis Intervention Act. CICs are not active yet. KDADS has submitted proposed regulations to the Office of the Attorney General for review. Upon approval of the regulations, 62 CIC beds will be available across the state.

The map and chart below illustrate adult mental health bed capacity across the state.

Adult Mental Health Beds in Kansas