Juvenile Fines and Fees

Meredith Fry
Research Analyst

Lindsay Archer
Research Analyst

Jillian Block
Research Analyst

In Kansas, juveniles can be assessed multiple types of fines and fees associated with their involvement in the juvenile justice system.

These fines and fees include case filing fees, offender registration fees, attorney representation fees, and expungement filing fees.

In addition, other costs that can be assessed by the court include restitution, fees for alcohol and drug testing, supervision fees, and fees for alcohol and mental health treatment. Some of these fees are assessed to offset the amount that the government (municipal, county, and state) has expended already.

The Kansas Juvenile Justice Code’s (KSA 38-2301 et seq.) primary goal is to:

  • Promote public safety;
  • Hold juvenile offenders accountable for their behavior; and
  • Improve their ability to live more productively and responsibly in the community.

Definition of a juvenile: a person who is 10 or more years of age but less than 18 years of age; is alleged to be a juvenile offender; or has been adjudicated as a juvenile offender and continues to be subject to the jurisdiction of the court.

Per the Kansas Juvenile Justice Code, (KSA 38-2302(n))

Fines and Fees

Types of Fines and Fees:

Confinement, supervision, and treatment costs;
Court appointed attorney fees;
Court docket fees and costs;
Drug and alcohol evaluation fees;
Infectious disease testing;
Expungement docket fees;
Fines per offense;
Probation and supervision fees; and


Under the Kansas Juvenile Justice Code, youth can be held accountable via non-monetary alternatives including:

Community service;
Education programs;
Intervention programs;
Mediations; and
Community-based programs.

Kansas Judicial Council

The Kansas Judicial Council studied the topic of juvenile fines and fees with regard to expungement eligibility. The 2020 Report of the Criminal Law Advisory Committee can be found at http://www.kansasjudicialcouncil.org/studies-and-reports.

Recent Legislative Activity

During the 2022 Session, the House Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight (House Committee) held an informational hearing on the elimination of juvenile fines and fees.

Kansas Judicial Branch Budget

At the House Committee hearing, the Office of Special Counsel for the Judicial Branch offered neutral testimony with notice about the potential fiscal and operational impact, including concern about retroactive effect, should a bill be passed that would eliminate juvenile fines and fees.

Note: The Judicial Branch’s budget has transitioned from being funded by docket fees to being funded by the State General Fund pursuant to 2022 HB 2541.